The Beginning

The Essential Truth Team was born when 2 ladies, who have been good friends for over 30 years, got together one day.  Ebby said to Allison, "Girlfriend, we need to put something together for all of our amazing oily team members who are learning and striving to help others."  Allison agreed wholeheartedly!  The real truth is that this team is made up of MANY awesome people using essential oils to support and maintain the good and healthy lives of themselves and their families:  Spirit, Soul & Body!.  They are learning, teaching, and encouraging others daily.  If someone has sent you here to look around, thank them, because you are about to start an entirely new chapter of your life!  And we are all here to walk you through that :)

Allison Davis (left)


Allison has been married to her wonderful lawyer husband since 1996.  They have 5 beautiful children ages 7-19 that they homeschool.  She has been pretty crunchy for about 25 years and started using essential oils to support her health and that of her family in January of 2010.  She has had multiple successes with these oils in many areas.  She holds local classes teaching about the oils regularly and is passionate about giving others the opportunity to know about God's original medicine from the plants and trees, about good healthy food,  and about the emotional and spiritual components of health.  That all aspects must be addressed:  Spirit, Soul & Body.

Ebby Stratton (right)


Ebby grew up in Florida, has been an Okie for about 35 years and just recently moved back to Florida to enjoy the beach and the sun.  Ebby and Brett met on a blind date in 1976 and have been married for a really long time!  They have one beautiful daughter, a wonderful son-in-law, and the cutest chihuahua ever.  Ebby grew up in her family's kitchen and healthy cooking is her passion.  6 years ago when Ebby brought home essential oils, her hubby sighed and said, "What now?"  Within 6 months, he was a daily user.  If you come for a visit, you will see essential oils all over the house, in the kitchen, on the dining room table, and in the bedroom - Young Living has definitely become a lifestyle for them!