We'd be thrilled to have you as part of the Essential Truth Team! 


Very Simple

Purchasing essential oils is so simple, and ALSO so exciting because you are starting a new journey to excellent health and therefore a more purposeful, fulfilling life!

No Pressure

And don't worry! There is never any pressure to buy anything or sell anything. This is simply the business model Young Living chose: Learning about the products from friends and family. Honestly, it's more fun that way because people you trust are telling you what they like, how they use an oil or supplement, what works for what, and so on. So keep reading!

Our Recommendation

When you join as a wholesale member, we recommend starting with the Premium Starter Kit, which  includes  11 bottles of essential oils, a diffuser, sample packets and lots of literature. It costs $160 and is considered the foundational essential oils kit because these oils can be used in so many ways.

The Education of it All

You will also receive access to our private Facebook groups that contain mounds of educational information.

And you will be on our awesome team!  We are very active, teaching classes, directing you to research, and supporting you in every way!



Follow these directions to get your Premium Starter Kit

-Go to the Member Sign Up Page

-Click on your Country and Language.

-Then click on "Become A Member" at the top right of the page.  

-It will default to "Member" which is definitely the best deal.  (Retail Customers pay 24% more than Members.)

-Enter the member number of the person who sent you here in the "Enroller" and "Sponsor" boxes.  (Call your friend and ask what their member number is, or if you don't have one, you can use one from our Leadership List)

-Enter your personal information.

-Select the Premium Starter Kit and choose your diffuser ($160).  It is the best deal and saves quite a bit of money rather than buying these items separately later on.

-Next you can sign up for the monthly auto-ship called Essential Rewards or you can click "No Thanks" and do it at a later time.  (Read about Essential Rewards here.)

-Now you can add more products to your order if you would like or just proceed to checkout.

-You are done!  Now go take a hot bath and anticipate the arrival of your Essential Oils Kit and get excited because you have just embarked on a wonderful new experience!

-Oh and one more thing!  We feel it is absolutely essential for you to have reference books.  You will peruse these books ALL THE TIME!  Find out details on these books with the person who helped sign you up for your membership OR go to the contact page here and send us an email.  

By the way, that picture at the top shows the gorgeous lavender farms in France, which any of us can visit at any time, just like all of the other farms that Young Living owns.